Attorney W. Charles Fletcher

Experienced and Educated

Our criminal justice system is designed to protect the innocent. However, in so doing, we must likewise defend even the guilty, or we may see the rights of the innocent erode. For this reason, it is critical that every person accused of a crime—whether innocent or guilty—be represented equally and assertively.

This is my passion.

Since beginning my career, I have practiced exclusively criminal law. Early on, I focused on criminal trial proceedings. I have been lead counsel in over 130 jury trials—both state and federal—twenty-eight of which were homicides. I am death-penalty certified and have been lead counsel in eleven death penalty jury trials. I also ran for the elected position of Public Defender for the Fourth Judicial Circuit in 2012, hoping to make some necessary changes.


My experience in criminal trials eventually led me into the fields of postconviction and criminal appellate law. An in-depth understanding of trial process and procedure is essential to successfully pleading cases post-conviction. I have been practicing postconviction work for over thirteen years.


I earned my Juris Doctor from the Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama. I completed my undergraduate in English at the University of Florida.



—W. Charles Fletcher

    Criminal Defense Attorney

Legal Analyst/Office Manager Thomas Sutton

Working to Protect Your Rights

EIGHT YEARS, SIX MONTHS, countless travesties of justice. This is my experience with our criminal justice system. This is not to say that the system does not function as intended; it does—it serves a purpose. However, it also fails. Far too often.


I have been working in the legal field for over eight years—all in criminal law. As a paralegal, I have conducted in-depth legal research; drafted motions, briefs, petitions, and other pleadings; and have supported the accused in a constant trove of cases over that eight years.


I am certified in Paralegal Studies, Advanced Criminal Law, and Advanced Civil Litigation through Blackstone Career Institute. I have a certification from the Florida Department of Corrections as an inmate law clerk (yes, that means what you think). I am also certified in Advanced Legal Research through Casetext.


I am a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and am currently completing my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Administration. I will attend law school and spend my career defending the rights of the accused and convicted.


I have extensive experience dealing with the Department of Corrections. I understand. I am intolerant of its abuses—both physical and constitutional. Between now and becoming an attorney, I will continue to pursue every opportunity to make an impact in the system—and to take part in the defense of those caught in it.

—Thomas Sutton

    Office Manager

    Appellate/Postconviction Paralegal

Legal Analyst

Andrew Conley